Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Hopeful Home Buyer's Tour is Back...

Hi Everybody...

I'd love to invite you to my Hopeful Home Buyer's Tour!  I teach my Buyer's TO DO List to first time home buyers so that they know the basics of the purchase process and what to expect upfront, before they start their search. Everything is explained in layman's terms and you can ask me anything you've ever wanted to know about buying your first home!

Also, my team of loan officers (see below) will  be present to establish a game plan for the financing (the foundation for the transaction).

After we review the list, we serve a yummy lunch and then we'll actually go see 3 homes in Leimert Park--not for the purpose of actually buying, but for first timers to build hope and vision for the purchasing process. This event is totally FREE!!! Next month it we will charge $10.

Please reach out to me if you or someone you know would like to attend my Hopeful Home Buyer's Tour: 

Date: Saturday, September 27th 
Time: 12noon to 2pm
Location: My Home in Leimert Park (Address provided when you RSVP)
RSVP to:  323.559.9081 or via email 

***All attendees must be willing to be pre-approved for a loan if they are not already.***

Hope to see you soon!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

It's here again...The FREE Leimert Park Art & Music Festival!

Hi Everybody!
Here are the details for the FREE Annual Leimert Park Art & Music Festival--this weekend!!  
Hope to see you all there.
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Saturday, August 23, 2014

ATTENTION: Hopeful Home Buyers

Hi, Hopeful Home Buyers!

Don't you want to know what to expect during the purchase process BEFORE you go shopping for a home?

After you get your pre-approval, my BUYER'S TO DO LIST will help you feel confident about your journey to homeownership with this amazing 12 Step Plan. 

I meet with hopefuls in my office to review the process--it takes about 38 minutes to cover everything.  I provide cold drinks and yummy snacks while you're learning the essentials. I have helped many people get clarity and buy their first home using this systematic approach...for example, take a look:

Jodi and Jeff took my list and made a bigger version, taped it to the wall in their apartment so they are reminded every day about what comes next.  I was really impressed with them!!  Love it!!!

This lovely couple posted their list on the fridge during their purchase. Every time I checked in with them on the phone we would review the next 3 steps until we got to the end and I gave them their keys!!

Kat and Anders liked the list too!   They always had great questions and called ME first when they started feeling anxious--then I would talk them "off the ledge"...HA!!  They too made it to the finish line!

Let's face it, buying a house is NOT easy, but with good guidance and a great plan it is always possible!

Call today to schedule a one on one consultation: 

323-559-9081 or email me at
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Friday, August 8, 2014

Active and Sold Listings in Leimert Park and Surrounding Areas

Summer's almost over, and school is back in session next week - but there's plenty of activity still brewing In Leimert Park and the surrounding areas in Baldwin Hills and some other parts of the 90008 zip code.  You'll notice prices are still affordable, but there are some homes still sitting which might be due to over-pricing or a shift in the market.  There's still time for you to get in and find that home you've been searching for.

Whether you're looking to buy, or are curious about your own home value, click on the market snapshot below and preview the properties we've selected for you. This market analysis will give you a good idea of the ranges in prices in the area:

      Market snapshot link  -

Let us know if we can help you with your real estate needs.  Whether you're buying or selling, or just curious about how much your house is worth, we can help.   

Saturday, August 2, 2014

The LA Times Takes a Poll on Living in Leimert Park...

Hi Folks....

I recently went to the "I Live Here" section of The LA Times and had the pleasure of filling in the blanks to "define my neighborhood". I want to let the world know Leimert Park is an AMAZING place to live--see below. 

Click here to do the same: 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My Interview with KCRW/NPR Radio: New Metro Line & Home Values in Leimert Park...

Hi Guys...

Who would have thought that NPR Radio (#KCRW) would come out to my house in Leimert to interview MEI was truly honored!!!

We talked about how the construction of the Metro Line would effect the home values in #LeimertPark and the surrounding areas.  

My new found friend Saul Gonzalez, reporter for KCRW, really wanted to hear my opinion - and why I don't like the term gentrification.  

Here's what we said, Click Here:

Or Listen to the Interview Here:

Heather Presha lives in L.A.’s Leimert Park neighborhood. She hopes when a new light rail line opens in the area in 2019 it will bring new retail and community amenities to her largely black and Latino neighborhood. (Photo: Saul Gonzalez)

There are more than 80 miles of light rail and subway lines in Los Angeles County and more are being built or planned. Beyond taking care of people’s transit needs, many officials hope they can also be powerful engines for neighborhood development. (Photo: Saul Gonzalez)
Light rail supporters often advocate transit oriented development, putting residences and new businesses near transportation stops. This apartment building is just steps away from a Gold Line station in L.A.’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. It’s thought such developments both encourage mass transit ridership and new outside investment in communities. (Photo: Saul Gonzalez)
Metro, Los Angeles County’s transportation agency, says the opening of the Red Line subway in the 1990s is largely responsible for the recent commercial boom along Hollywood Boulevard, with trendy stores, hotels and restaurants opening near the stations. (Photo: Saul Gonzalez)
There are plenty of critics who say building light rail and subway lines doesn’t generate the kind of development and investment many people expect. This Gold Line stop in L.A.’s Boyle Heights neighborhood was supposed to bring retail and residential development around it, but so far that hasn’t happened. (Photo: Saul Gonzalez)